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Anand Ahuja

Anand Ahuja After the marriage Sanam Kapoor changed his name. He changed his name And keep the name, Anand  S. Ahuja. Sonam Kapoor did not know this. Anand is the owner of a multi-band. Have a look at Anand Ahuja about, age, wiki, first Wife, first marriage, date of birth, Education.

Biography Details:

         Name     Anand Ahuja
         Date of Barth      29th July 1983
         Place       Delhi
        Hometown       Delhi
         School   Wharton Business School
         College      University of Pennsylvania
        Educational Qualification    Degree in MBA
        Relationship Status    Married
        Father  Name    Harish Ahuja
        Mother Name     Priya Ahuja
         father-in-law     Anil Kapoor
         Mother- in – low     Sunita Kapoor


Anand Ahuja was a former student of the Wharton Business School-educated about economics and international relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

Anand Ahuja & Sonam Kapoor's
Anand Ahuja & Sonam Kapoor’s
Anand Ahuja & Anil Kapoor
Anand Ahuja & Anil Kapoor


Anand Ahuja was born on July 29th in the city of Delhi in 1983. He was the director of Shah and Export Company. He earned fame in international trade. Having started dating Anand Sonam Kapoor, he set up several bands in Delhi.

Fast wife & Family:

Anand was born in the business class of the Delhi city of the Hindu family.

She loves to write poetry, She loves to cook and Love shopping.his grandfather named Harish Ahuja was a garment trader.

Her father-in-law Anil Kapoor. Her father Harish Ahuja and her father in low Anil Kapoor were friends of each other. He is a Bollywood film actor. Her mother-in-law’s name Sunita Kapoor.

What Exactly Does Anand Ahuja Like The Most:

Anand Ahuja loves to play. He loves to play basketball and Football .he shared photos of her basketball game on Instagram. Anand Ahuja loved to watch Bollywood movies and we saw that the film was released in the film Instagram.

Anand Ahuja & Bani
Anand Ahuja & Bani


He worked in an American banking sector. He worked with big bangs like Amazon and Messi. Known as India’s first multi-brand for his clothes and shoes. In 2017, in India added him to a feature list in the Instagram syndicate. He has an annual turnover of 500 million dollars in business.


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